Fidget Circle Scholarship

Fidget toys are a hot item and a hot topic of debate. Believers swear these toys are a legitimate aid for focus and those suffering from ADHD and Autism. Naysayers dismiss it all as a fad. At Fidget Circle, we strongly believe in the positive impacts fidget toys can have for those suffering from ADHD, anxiety, and Autism.

At Fidget Circle, we are always looking at ways to give back to the community. As strong advocates for higher learning, we are proud to announce our annual scholarship.

FidgetCircle scholarship

Scholarship Details

The Fidget Circle annual scholarship is awarded to one student based on merit. The scholarship amount is $1500 (USD). Applicants must submit a 1500-word essay on either of the three fidget toy related topics below. The scholarship is open to US and Canadian students only.

Health and Science:

Fidget toys and their impacts on: ADHD, Autism, anxiety and overall focus.


The fidget toy phenomenon: the emergence and growth of the fidget toy industry.

Personal experience:

Your story with fidget toys and how they have helped you or a family member with either focus, ADHD, Autism or anxiety.

Submission Details

Essays must be submitted to: [email protected]

Deadline: 31st of August, 5pm Eastern Time

The following information is required along with your essay submission: Full name, Email address, Phone number, Mailing address.

Terms and Conditions

The scholarship recipient will receive the scholarship award approximately 30 – 60 days after the submission deadline. By participating, you are giving consent for us to contact you via mail, email and/or call you. In addition, by submitting your application you are giving us your express consent to use your name and your essay on this site and for any promotional purposes, without further compensation or payment to you. If you want us to use a photo, please send that with your submission. The scholarship recipient is responsible for payment of any applicable State and/or Federal Income taxes due to the receipt of the scholarship.