6 Quiet Fidget Spinners

Why the commotion?

Since the widely popular fidget toys began spinning in hands across the globe, it was inevitable that they would cause a bit of a stir, too. Spinners can be soothing to some, but for others they are not quiet enough.

Although these toys have been of aid to some with ADHD, autism, and challenges with anxiety, they are beloved by scores of kids which means they’re everywhere, and that includes the classroom. Much to the dismay of parents and children who’ve come to appreciate these toys, many schools are starting to ban fidget spinners. Not because they don’t help certain students, or because there is something inherently dangerous about them, but because they can be distracting.

As the toy is propelled into its spin, it makes noise – a whirring, buzzing sound, and sometimes a rattling vibration. Metal spinners have a higher pitch, and plastic spinners can sound a bit like a choppy fan. Some spinners can be loud while spinning, and a chorus of them would be too much for a typical classroom.

The easiest fix for the sound issue is to use a quiet fidget spinner so you or your child can have peace and everyone else can have quiet!

While no spinner will be totally silent, we’ve compiled 6 of the most quiet fidget spinners we've found on Amazon and elsewhere.

6 Quiet Fidget Spinners

Aventador Fidget Spinner by Stealth Spinners

This tri bar spinner is expertly machined out of brass and electroplated with a gun metal finish. The Aventador consistently gives 5+ minute spin times, and more importantly, it's quiet and super smooth.

B2 Fidget Spinner by Stealth Spinners

For those that like the simplicity of a bar spinner, the B2 black gun metal finish over brass keeps the noise to a light hum. At only 72 grams, this one is quiet and easy to hold for most hands.

LAX Gaddgets Spin Wars - 6 sided Metallic Fidget Spinner

A bit on the heavy side, but a really smooth can quiet spin. The tri-colored O-rings on the outside cylinders with the all brass body give this whisperer the perfect look.

Nomad Pro Q1

A clean design and quality spinner that won’t disrupt your neighbor. This metal spinner is machined well out of copper and it has wide buttons for tight gripping.

FengNiao Tri-Spinner Fidget

An all metal, high-performing spinner with low levels of sound. A sturdy design built for performance and minimal decibels. But due to its metal body and blade counterweights, it is loud if dropped.

Meecoo Mini

This is not only a quiet hand spinner, but it’s also tiny. That makes it perfect for all your stealth needs. Not only will others not hear it, they won’t see it.

How to make a fidget spinner quiet

Typically speaking, the easiest way to quiet a noisy spinner is to change the fidget spinner bearing. Ball bearings are the heart of your spinner, and come in three main varieties: metal, ceramic and hybrid. Ceramic bearings tend to be the loudest, while hybrids are currently the smoothest. Steel bearings usually fall somewhere in the middle in terms of volume, and are the most common.

If you're using a steel bearing and want a quieter spin, go with some hybrid ceramic bearings.

Even if you're using super smooth hybrid bearings, they can still become exposed to oxidation, rust, dust particles and debris. This will slow down your bearings and more importantly, make them loud and obnoxious. With proper bearing maintenance, this noise can be greatly reduced.

Whether you're using a single bar, tri spinner or wheel spinner, the design plays an important role in determining how much sound your spinner makes. Ones that are well crafted will run smoother and won't disturb the peace. Poorly designed, unbalanced spinners, not so much...