6 of the Best Mini Fidget Spinners | Great for Small Hands!

Fidget spinners have taken all shapes and sizes since they burst onto the scene. In this piece, we pick out some of the best smallest and mini spinners on the market. Smaller spinners are great for those with small hands who find the larger spinners difficult to spin. Be careful not to lose these tiny spinners!

The fidget spinners listed below are all available to purchase on Amazon. To get an even smaller spinner we recommend making your own fidget spinner. Read our DIY fidget spinner piece for more info.

6 Small Fidget Spinners You Can Buy from Amazon

WeFidget The Bar

The little spinner by WeFidget is a top seller on Amazon and for good reason. It measures just 1.6 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The Wefidget Bar uses premium interchangeable R188 Bearings giving it a spin time up to 6 minutes!

Meecoo Mini

The Meecoo Mini is a Titanium and Brass spinner featuring a hybrid ceramic and stainless steel 623 bearing giving it a very smooth and quiet spin. It measures a minute 1.78 inches in width and length.

Jincoo Mini

The Jincoo Mini is similar in looks to the Meecoo above, but is slightly smaller in size. It measures 1.35 inches in diameter. As with the Meecoo it is made from TC4 Titanium and Brass.

FidgetDoctor Mini Metal

The Mini Metal FidgetDoctor is a Vorso-esque spinner. At just 1.5 inches in length, this miniature spinner is the perfect everyday carry (EDC) option with just the right heft (60g), thanks to it’s stainless steel construction.

Jwraps Mini Quad

The TI-EDC spinner is one of the smallest dual spinners around. The body is made of 100% high quality CNC milled TC4 titanium. The dimensions for the TI-EDC are: Length: 2", Width: 0.78" and Height: 0.44. The fantastic build quality on this spinner warrants the slightly higher price tag.


The Lofter is another cool looking spinner with shark like fins. It is made of premium aluminum alloy and is small and lightweight.