21 Best Metal Fidget Spinners: Gold, Brass and More

Metal and metallic fidget spinners are the next level for spinners. These spinners are the sensible choice once you move beyond 3D printed or other plastic varieties. With metal, there is a difference to the feeling of the spin, the vibrations, and the flicking action. But since metal is hard, they are more suitable for adults or big kids than the smallest fidgeters. However, kids will likely be dazzled by a shiny gold fidget spinner.

Metal fidget spinners have the longest recorded spin times due to their weight distribution. They are also ideal when you want more stability in your mid-spin rotations or flips. Minor drawbacks to metal spinners can include the noise, which is typically more high frequency than plastic spinners, and they aren't practical for tricks due to their weight. But after the importance of your bearing, the frame material is the next important factor in your spinner's performance.

The types of metal that you can find for spinners are just about the same for any similar handheld devices. You can find aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, copper, brass, silver, chrome, and gold fidget spinners, and often it’s a mixture metals and metallic finishes. All in a range of prices and craftsmanship.

This list is made up of some of the Best Metal Spinners you can get on Amazon and elsewhere. Many of these spinners are of mixed metals, so they will be placed in the category of the dominant material, or by their finish.

21 Best Metal Spinners

Red Stinger (Transforming)

The Shadow Spinner is a matte black, aluminum allow based tri spinner that is easy to flick and addictive to use. The spins are buttery smooth and virtually silent in the hand, all from using an R188 bearing. The concave buttons are very secure and have an outside lip which makes it a pleasure to hold onto. And since it's only 25 grams, this metal spinner is lighter than most plastic spinners.

OUUO Gold Hand Spinner

The OUUO is a decent entry point into the metal and metallic spinners. This tri bar spinner is made out of 100% aluminum alloy with a gold metallic finish. The spin times are reported to be 2-3 minutes. The spinner bearing specs are not listed, but the bearing is replaceable. Some customers report having to tighten the caps after buying, but that will make the spins smoother. If it wobbles, tighten the bearing buttons.

Ezoon Tri Fidget Spinner - Aluminum

The EZOON is a quick and light metal spinner with sturdy aluminum construction. With a narrow profile and open propeller-like blades, and large, single ball bearings as counterweights, this is spinner whips around fast. Barely makes a sound. Consistent spins up to 3-5 minutes. About medium size. Deep concave bearing buttons. R188 bearing.

KOMVOX Fidget Spinner

The KOMVOX EDC is a modern tri bar. An aluminum bone frame design with large, single ball bearings as the counterweights. Somewhat small bearing caps, but concave for easy grip. Fast spins with easy single-finger balancing. Looks great in videos too. Uses R188 stainless steel bearings in a cage.

Victorem Fidget Spinner Aeroship Design

The VICTOREM Aeroship is a gorgeous aluminum spinner with a triangular body and awesome details. The sexy and subtle spaceship design says this spinner was designed for performance. The brushed aluminum of the blades and the tiny, triangular engravings on the finger pads are fine details hard to come by in this price range. Uses stainless steel 606 bearing.

Aventador Fidget Spinner by Stealth Spinners

The Gold Aventador is one helluva nice spinner! It's precisely machined with deeply textured blades that offer a quality tactile feedback, and it's has nice concave buttons for secure holding. The spin times are above average at 4-7 minutes, and it has a substantial heft at 95 grams without being unnecessarily heavy. The high quality R188 bearings offer spins that are super smooth, long lasting, and quiet too.

B2 Fidget Spinner by Stealth Spinners

The B2 is an top notch metal bar spinner. Weighing only 72 grams, this metal won't weigh down your pockets! It features the outstanding machining as the other flagship product, the Aventador, but this one is lighter and more simplified due to it being a single bar. Also, this one comes in an electroplated black gun finish over brass that looks stellar! The spin times are around 3-5 minutes, and there is a little wobble when doing mid-spin flips, but that is to be expected with bar spinners.

Jsaron DFS Brass Fidget Gear Spinner

The DFS Brass fidget spinner is tri spinner with three outside brass gears against an aluminum frame that looks like a Steampunk design. The outside gears rotate as the spinner spins due to interlocking. It uses R188 bearings and has a somewhat short spin times at 120 seconds, but the wow factor is high for this smallish to medium size spinner.

Xultrashine Six Winged Hand Spinner

The Xultrashine Six Winged hand spinner is a stunning metal spinner made of brass, though it looks gold in the images online. It’s got six removable solid brass cylindrical arms, with three separate color O-rings that create amazing visual effects while spinning. The finger pads are nice and beefy with a smooth concave center. Slightly on the heavy side at 105 grams, but having the feeling of a high-quality item.

ILoveFidget Mini Fidget Spinner

The ILOVEFidget Brass Mini spinner is great for EDC, stellar performance and affordability. It’s not a cheap fidget spinner, but it’s superb quality for the price. This spinner uses 606 hybrid bearings. And with its short, single bar size, it spins fast, long, and super quietly. Comes in brass or stainless steel. It has concave buttons with inside ridges for comfortable gripping.

Amoner Tri-Spinner Metal

The Amoner brass tri-spinner is a top pick on Amazon due to its immaculate brass finish and its vented blades that slice through the air in fast spins. The finger pad is just recessed enough to give the fidgeter something easy to clamp with. The bearing is undisclosed – they appear to be R188 bearings – but they’re removable, which means replaceable.

Neatmaster Brass

The Neatmaster Brass spinner is really good looking brass spinner with subtle engravings on the blades which are shapes of the spinner itself. The bearing caps are perfectly concaved and micro ribbed for comfort, and the frame wastes no space to slow down the blades. The blades are all totally flat and glide through the air with almost no resistance, except in flips. Thumbs up on this spinner.

Fidgetron Metal Fidget Spinner

The Fidgetron is an industrial and clean looking mini bar spinner. Fast and silent spinning. Small but a good heft. Its small size makes it stealthy and the red golden copper looks amazing! Great performance with minimal wobble in flips. Easy flicks due to small and simple bar form.

Apsung ADHD Fidget Toy

The Apsung spinner is a rose golden copper tri spinner with an industrial style design. The spinner is only 3.2 ounces and its balanced well. The big bearing buttons are concave and deep enough for big fingers to get a firm grip for clocking spins. The spin times are above average with consistent 5 minutes + spins.

Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro i5, Gold

The Infinity i5 is one of the most popular metallic fidget spinners on Amazon, and for good reason. This smallish spinner uses R188 bearings which make this propeller spin long, and the copper adds nice stability for smooth rotations and fast RPM. The aerodynamic shape of a propeller cuts though air with no resistance. Great for desk spinning with little vibration or wobbles. The golden color stands out and looks legit.

SpinnerPro Premium Tri Bar Metal Fidget Spinner

The SpinnerPro is a beast of a tri bar spinner. It’s built for performance with 688 hybrid ceramic/SS bearings and low clearance on caps for minimal wobble but no scraping. This is great to add to any collection. Small size looks and works great in most hands. Only 4 ounces.

LERMX Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner Open Beer Cap

The LERMX stainless steel fidget spinner is an exotic design not often seen on Amazon. The LERMX uses Japanese bearings and has hook-edge type blades that function also as a bottle opener. This is not for kids. Only experienced fidget spinner users should buy as the blades can hurt if not paying attention. But it’s super cool!

Starrs Teardrop

The Starss Teardrop is a fan like spinner with three open-frame blades. It has concave brass bearing caps and smooth, rounded blade edges for comfortable flicking. With the R188 bearings and the design, the noise level is at a middle range, but the spins are smooth. Medium size.

Sunnytech 1PC Fidget Spinner Toy

An aerodynamic shaped tri-bar spinner with comfortably machined edges. Small to midsize design makes it good for most hands, and it has a deep-angled, concave finger pad makes that makes it fairly nice to hold onto. Good consistent spins. Works well as a desk spinner with average vibration.

MecArmy GP1 Titanium Fidget Spinner

The GP1 is an interesting spinner. It is a flat triple-plated bar spinner made of titanium alloy which makes it ultra-lightweight and fast with longer than average spinning times. Users can disassemble it and add other parts which makes it best for customization and DIY upgrades. Available in various colors and finishes.

Nubarko Titanium Tri-Spinner

The NUBARKO titanium tri spinner may just be the high-quality spinner you’ve been looking for on Amazon. The spinner is solid without being too heavy due to TC4 titanium. Brass bearing caps are concave for good grip. Excellent stability too. In warp videos, the ripple effects from spiral grooves look great in action.

Advantages of Metal Fidget Spinners

With fidget spinners, the mere fact that they spin quickly in our hands means they will frequently be dropped. Many of the cheap plastic spinners will break quickly after purchasing. Plastic may be cheap in the short run, but many of them will need to be replaced soon. Every fidgeter should consider buying metal for at least one spinner.

Pros of metal fidget spinners: Hard to break, Increased speed, Added stability, Higher resale value, Remarkable durability, Quality appearance, Substantial feeling in the hands.

Disadvantage of Metal Spinners

There are some disadvantages of metal fidget spinners. They cost more, and since they are harder, they are not ideal for young fidgeters. That is not to say that metal fidget spinners are dangerous for kids, but that they may not be the best choice. Also, softer metals like brass and copper can get dinged and scratched easily, and they also need to be cleaned to resist corrosion and patination (unless you like that look). Chrome, gold plating and other metallic finishes can sometimes flake off if dropped a lot. And due to their weight, some cheap metal spinners (not on this list) can wobble too much.

Cons of metal fidget spinners: Not best for kids, Cheap ones wobble too much, More pricey, Copper and brass need to be cleaned occasionally, Some metals like zinc alloy and aluminum can feel thin, Can sometimes be loud, Higher frequency noise, Often a heavy in the pocket.

Give Heavy Metal a Chance

Metal fidget spinners are the way to go to step up your game. They may surprise you with how much better they perform over plastic spinners, provided the spinner is designed and manufactured well. Fidget spinners are a real treat no matter the material, but some materials are just better than others. Either for looks, feeling in the hand, or performance – metal wears the crown! Not all metal spinners are good, but all the great ones are metal.