6 Glow in the Dark and LED Fidget Spinners

Hand spinners provide a sensory experience, which is why they are said to be so good for people with Anxiety, Autism and ADHD. They stimulate the senses, the sound they make, the way they feel in your hand when you flick them and of course the way they look when they spin!

Imagine what it would be like to be able to use your spinner no matter where you are, day or night? Imagine a spinner that glows in the dark or one with LED lights so you can spin everywhere you go… Don't worry, fidget toy manufacturers are already ten steps ahead of us.

It was only a matter of time before they started to implant LED lights on spinners and make them glow in the dark. It's all part of the sensory experience that these fidget toys provide. Glow in the dark and LED spinners are an excellent choice for young children to adults who want to increase the visual stimulation of their spinners, making them more engaging and fun than ever.

We've found some of the best quality, yet affordable and unique glow in the dark and LED fidget spinners on the web! Chances are, you already own a spinner by now, and you get why kids and adults are falling in love with them. Maybe you're already hooked. One thing makes them so addictive is the visual appeal, which is what makes glow in the dark and LED spinners even more fun to fidget with…

Glow in the Dark Spinners

Quirkio Spinner

The Quirkio is a quirky little hand spinner that is a bit smaller than your average one making it perfect for small children. It glows in the dark and comes in a variety of fun colors. It uses a hybrid ceramic bearing and a unique design with three metal balls inside its plastic shell. The Quirkio fits easily in your hand and has an ergonomic design that sets it apart from the rest.

Astro Glow in the Dark

This glow in the dark spinner uses the best type of hybrid ceramic bearings for ultra long and smooth spin times. It isn't just your standard tri-spinner, it glows bright in the dark and has the Astro Fidgets logo in the center.

Jarvania Glow in the Dark Spinner

The Jarvania glow in the dark spinner has a beautiful luminous finish using fluorescent material. It also uses a high grade Si3N4 hybrid ceramic bearing and its frame is made of a durable resin material. The Jarvania glow in the dark spinner has recorded spin times of over five minutes!

Rinhoo Glow in the Dark Spinner

The Rinhoo glow in the dark hand spinner doesn't just look cool at night, it looks great all day long. You'll get impressive spin times and kids are going to love the different colors to choose from. Between four vivid designs, and hybrid ceramic bearings, this spinner is a winner...

Best LED Spinners

Tezewa LED Spinner

These spinners are made from ABS plastic and are capable of spinning up to three minutes. However, this isn't just your typical tri spinner. It has LED lights that glow when you spin it so you won't have to worry about where you are or what time of day it is when you're spinning.

Teryei Metal LED Spinner

This bi-spinner has LED lights and a super fast stainless steel bearing. This style of fidget spinner has been embraced by the EDC community for its small size and form factor. It also comes in five different beautiful finishes.

Kyson Brass LED

Kyson is already making a name for themselves for having good quality products for affordable prices. This well machined brass hand spinner can spin for at least two to three minutes. It has three LED lights, one on each bar, and is available in five different beautiful finishes.