Gaming and Anime Fidget Spinners: Overwatch, League of Legends, Naruto and more

Fidget spinners are now being designed to represent your favourite gaming and anime characters. Characters like the cyborg ninja Genji from Overwatch, the assassin Zed or the AD Carry Sivir from League of Legends have now got their own fidget spinners. Whether you are into PC games, Anime’s like Naruto, Pokemon, One Piece or Dragon Ball, check out some of the best gaming themed spinners below.

Overwatch Fidget Spinners

Genji Fidget Spinner

This Ninja Fidget Spinner is one for the deadly Overwatch Genji’s mains amongst you. This spinner looks exactly like one of Genji's in-game Shurikens and provides a decent 2 minute + table spin time.

Golden Genji Fidget Spinner

If you are a Genji main and have already acquired your golden weapon you should check out this golden spinner as well.

Collectible Genji Finger

For all of you that are just interested in getting one more great collectible item in your display, then you really ought to have a look at the Genji finger spinner.

League of Legends Fidget Spinners

Zed Finger Spinner

You love to assassinate people in game? To abuse your shuriken to put your enemies to low hp? Then you will love this finger spinner by Spinnables. It perfectly represents the deadly Shuriken you love to throw around in-game in LOL.

Project Zed Finger Spinner

Project Zed is the one to call when you want to show off and one skin that is worth purchasing. If you want to bring your favorite gaming character to life, then have a look at this project Zed Finger Spinner by Spinnables.

Sivir Finger Spinner

Being an AD carry is difficult these days and sometimes you just need to take a break from the game. This Sivir related spinner is great for keeping you busy in-between games.

Snowstorm Sivir Finger Spinner

If you ever have the need to cool down, there is nothing better than snow. This great Snowstorm Sivir finger spinner doesn’t only look great, it is very detailed and is a nice collectible to show your friends your favourite League of Legends champion.

Draven Finger Spinner

Welcome to the League of Draaaven! LOL fans all love that champion with his massive ego and spinning axes. This combo spinner package is great for all you Draven fans.

Anime Fidget Spinners

Shuriken Fidget Spinner

The Anime world is great to provide ideas of how to design amazing and unique spinners. This Shuriken Spinner is a finger spinner with no cap. Ninja fanatics and collectors will love this item. It is built from high quality metal alloy materials.

Naruto Fidget Spinner

Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha provided us 15 years of exceptional story line. This is one of the reasons why these Naruto inspired fidget spinners will have a nostalgic effect for all its fans, cosplayers and video game players.

Naruto Finger Spinner

And again if you really enjoy these items and would love to have them displayed somewhere have a look at the finger spinners from Spinnables.

Naruto Windmill Finger Spinner

This is a badass and amazing looking spinner by Spinnables. It is made of quality metal alloy and looks great on every shelf. Anime fans will recognize it from the series and know of its massive power. It is available in Gold or Black.

One Piece Fidget Spinner

When you are still seeking the One Piece then make sure to grab one of these spinners with you in your journey to display that you are part of the Strawhats crew. This tri blade spinner has it's outer bearings covered with the famous Strawhat Pirates crew logo.

Dragon Ball Fidget Spinner

You won’t need 7 Dragon Balls to summon this fidget spinner into your hands. This is a simple tri spinner with the famous Kame House logo on its edges.

Pokemon Fidget Spinner

“Gotta Catch them all” gets a new meaning with all the different types of fidget spinners out there. Why not try to get a simple an easy catch as your first one?

Fidget & Finger Spinner Display Stand

If you are a huge fan of collectibles and need a fantastic way to display all your spinners. Then this item right here is great to show how awesome your spinners look when displayed correctly.