Five Ways to Upgrade Your Fidget Spinner


The cheapest and best way to "upgrade" your spinner is to clean and lubricate the bearing. For more information about which bearings to use, check out our spinner bearings guide. Beyond that, here are a few items that you can pick up to enhance your fidgeting experience.

Even if you own a regular, inexpensive tri spinner, there are ways to upgrade it for just a few bucks. Here are some of the best fidget spinner accessories available. Whether you're looking for a case, new finger caps or even new bearings, it can all be found down below.

Spinnerhub R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

This triangular carrying case will fit your tri spinners perfectly. It is lightweight, and protects your spinner from dirt and debris, which can damage your bearings. This beautiful case also protects against dust, fingerprints, scratches etc. Get today and carry your fidget spinner in style!

R188 VXB Full Ceramic

Bever has both metal and brass finger caps available on Amazon for a very reasonable price. These caps will fit your standard 608 skateboard bearings in addition to your R188 bearings. They are easy to assemble, heavy duty and will enhance the look of any compatible spinner.

606 VXB Full Ceramic

This is the stuff that the expert fidgeters use to achieve quiet, smooth and longer spin times. It was originally developed for brass instruments like the trumpet, hence the name valve oil, but recently spinner enthusiasts have re-purposed it for their own needs.

Glowing Tritium Inserts

One way to enhance the appearance of your spinner is with these little glow in the dark tritium vials that you can find online. There are many spinners that are pre-milled for tritium inserts, so they should fit in ones like the iFidget, Apex or the Tritium Stubby, in which they come standard.

Conclusion: Make your spinner into a glow in the dark one with these awesome tritium inserts.


If you are noticing a drop-off in spin times and speed, or maybe you just want a quieter spin, a new bearing could be all you need. We have found the best bearings available on Amazon for spinner whether you need a standard 608 skate bearing, or R188 and 606 spinner bearings.

Conclusion: Give your spinner a new life, and enhance its performance with quality bearings.