How to Do Tricks with Your Fidget Spinner

The Basics

Hand transfer

Fidget spinners are awesome fun and can be used by adults and kids alike. Those looking for a cool new spinner are in luck, given the huge amount of choice now on the market. We have selected the 19 coolest and most epic fidget spinners that we could find. The following spinners are all readily available through Amazon or online fidget spinner stores. We avoided using Etsy and handmade sellers, as the vast majority are currently out of stock of the rare spinners.

Finger transfer

Before you can do this trick, you must get comfortable balancing it on your fingers. Give it a good spin and balance it on your index finger, like a basketball. Now carefully transfer it to the other fingers without stopping it from spinning. This trick looks great when you can go back and forth between all of your different fingers and especially on both hands.

Hand twist

This trick only looks good when you really nail it, so it's going to take a lot of practice. It requires you to balance the spinner on your finger while twisting your hand in a circular motion. If done properly, the spinner will continue spinning and stays on your finger throughout the entire trick.

Around the Back

This one starts to incorporate other parts of the body into your tricks. Essentially just a hand transfer, movement around your body is what makes this trick different. Practice your hand transfers and you will soon be able to do them behind the back, under the leg, blindfolded etc.

Spinner Swap

This technique incorporates more than one spinner into the trick by doing two hand transfers simultaneously. First you must master the hand transfer before you can even attempt this trick. Just spin and toss both of them gently into the other hand without them hitting into each other.


Bend your knees

According to YouTuber and spinner trickster Mathias Moslund, he notes that bending your knees can actually help with some of these tricks in his video featured above, especially the hand transfer, also known as the switch-up.

Practice over a soft surface

You’re going to be dropping your spinner a lot in the beginning, that’s normal. Just keep on practicing, but do it over a bed or couch so that it doesn’t keep hitting the ground. Plus you won’t have to bend down each time to pick it up from the floor. Eventually, when you get more confident in your abilities, you can take your tricks elsewhere.

Be careful

Sometimes when practicing these tricks, you might end up dropping the spinner, which can damage it. Likewise it could go flying into the air and break something. Another thing that could happen is your bearings might pop out. That’s normal, just chuck them right back in.

Be creative

The only unwritten rule to spinner tricking is that the spinner needs to stay spinning after the trick, for the most part. It’s kind of like skateboarding, it doesn’t count unless you stick the landing and ride away. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Just be creative…

Switch it up

Balance the spinner on your nose or your hat instead of your finger. Try incorporating the rest of your body into it, like your legs or arms. Use the spinner as a prop and make it into an improvisational comedy act. E.g. - Pretend it’s a record player, or a pancake, or even a helicopter. Make sound effects, have fun with it, be funny, just don’t let it stop spinning…

Doubles and Combos

Once you’ve mastered the basic tricks such as hand switching, finger switching and some basic taps and tosses, you can start to create doubles, triples and other combos. Once you get the hang of that, see how many tricks you can do consecutively by creating your very own combos and runs which will solidify your status as a spinner trickster.

Be confident

When you are performing your tricks, have some confidence. Don’t look into the camera after nailing a trick with a face like you are the luckiest person in the world. It’s not bottle flipping. Spinner tricks actually take a lot of practice and dedication, so put the work in and you will have the confidence of a master spinner when you’re showing off your skills.

Intermediate/Advanced Spinner Tricks

This video shows you some of the more basic moves, but gradually gets more complex as they go. He examines the various types of transfers for example and gives a lot of insight into what goes into pulling off these tricks. It's one of the best videos on YouTube to learn spinner tricks.

Spinprovisational Comedy and Magic

Not every spinner enthusiast is concerned with being the most proficient or technical trickster on earth. Sometimes they just want to have some fun and do something different with their spinner. Whether it's magic tricks, or just being silly and turning your tricks into an improv comedy skit.

This magician found a bunch of hilarious pranks and tricks that you can do with your spinner. Some of them require you to buy additional props, while others can be done with just a pencil.

Tricks with a Pro Fidgeter

This is one of the funniest spinner trick videos on YouTube right now. The man who is a self-proclaimed "professional fidgeter" inspires you to be creative, funny and a bit daring. Even if you have no interest in doing spinner tricks, this video is still worth watching for a good chuckle.


People are always going to find little tricks and hacks for anything. Spinner tricking is relatively new, so now is the time to start practicing. By the time the spinner craze has reached its peak, you will already be a master at it. Just remember, be creative, stay safe and have fun tricking!