Fidget Cubes: What are They and Which Cube is for You?

What is a Fidget Cube?

A fidget cube, sometimes also referred to as a stress cube, fidget dice or fidget box, is a fidget toy in the shape of a die. A fidget cube typically has 6 sides each featuring a unique sensory fidgeting tool on each face. The original Fidget Cube was the brainchild of brothers Mark and Matthew McLachlan, who created it with the intention of providing the ultimate fidget gadget to help people with their concentration, focus and stress relief. Since the launch of original fidget cube many different variations of the cube have emerged with varying fidget options in differing sizes and shapes. The fidget cube also likely influenced the emergence of fidget spinners another fidget toy aimed at fidgeters.

How the Fidget Cube Craze Started

The term fidget cube started to take off with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign by brothers Mark and Matthew McLachlan. The brothers were asking for $15000 funding for their fidget cubes, but ended up raising a staggering $6.1 million, making it one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. It wasn’t long until others caught onto this new phenomenon and soon several similar fidget cubes and dice emerged. Users looking for fidget cubes can now select from a huge offering from 100s of different online vendors around the world.

Different Types of Fidget Cubes

Original 6 Sided Fidget Cube:

The original cube features a six sided die with 6 unique fidget options. These include the following: an on/off-style switch, gears and a rolling ball, a small joystick, a spinning disc, a rubbing pad, and depressible buttons.

12 Sided Fidget Cube (Dodecagon):

The newer 12 sided cube is a larger version that builds on the original fidget cube. Whilst it is larger in size you also get 6 additional fidget options. The 12 sided fidget cube also includes a lanyard so it can be hung on your keychain.

Fidget Cube 3.0:

A slightly larger 6 sided fidget cube compared with the original. The fidget options are also slightly different to the original and the finish is in a smooth silicon.

Mini Fidget Cube:

There are now several mini/nano variants of the fidget cube. The mini versions are smaller than the original cubes with similar fidgeting functions on each face of the dice.

Fidget Pads:

An offshoot product with similar functions, just in a different form. The fidget pads are shaped like mini gaming console controllers with fidget options on each side.

Our Thoughts on Fidget Cubes: Do They Work?

Sellers of fidget cubes are touting their wondrous effects on helping deal with stress, anxiety, ADHD and Autism. These simple toys whilst they may seem completely pointless, do have something going for them. Perhaps it’s the move away from smartphones, button-less and voice activated technology we have become so accustomed too in a tech driven world. Fidget Cubes don’t have any wires or batteries and are purely mechanical. There is something oddly soothing about that and the reviews from parents and those with fidgeting habits are pretty overwhelmingly positive and people seem convinced these new cubes, pads or spinners can help. The only way is to try these fidget toys for yourself. The great thing about these toys is that they are very affordable, meaning you can purchase them for yourself, your child or a friend and find out first hand if they work for you or not. If it works for you then great, if not you haven’t spent a fortune!

The 5 Best and Most Affordable Fidget Cubes You Can Buy

Cubier Fidget Cube 2-Pack

This 2-pack by Cubier comes with two cool looking camo styled fidget cubes. These are the original 6 sided variant of the fidget cube. You also get two cubes for under $20 and also get a lifetime warranty from Cubier LLC. The delivery time if you are based in the US in around 3-5 days, but given the price and 5 star ratings on Amazon, these are worth the wait.

FabQuality 12 Sided Fidget Cube

The FabQuality fidget cube is a 12 sided dice. This means you get double the number of fidgeting options compared with the 6 sided variant. It is larger in size, but comes with a lanyard and also a free Minions key cover. The 12 sided variant is a lot of fun and given the additional 6 features and users can choose Amazon Prime for quick delivery. You can also select this cube in many different color options.

LPVLUX Fidget Stress Cube + Ring Combo

The LPVLUX is your standard six-sided fidget cube in various. However, this kit also comes with a fidget ring/chain for a stealthier option. You get both of these fidget toys for less than the price of one standard fidget cube.

Arti Art Fidget Pad

The Stress Cube Fidget Pad is a game controller-like fidget toy. It has similar fidgeting options to the cubes, but is shaped like a game pad. This could be the fidget toys for the gamers amongst you. This particular fidget pad is a 2nd generation one, which boasts some improvements over the first generation. You can also select next day delivery from Amazon.

Fidget Cube 3.0

The Fidget Cube 3.0 is the latest, slighty larger fidget dice. The fidget options are different and the design of the cube is different from the original. The Cube 3.0 is made from quality silicone for a soft feel finish and the build quality feels better than the original 6 sided versions.