19 Super Cool and Epic Fidget Spinners Under $60

Fidget spinners are awesome fun and can be used by adults and kids alike. Those looking for a cool new spinner are in luck, given the huge amount of choice now on the market. We have selected the 19 coolest and most epic fidget spinners that we could find. The following spinners are all readily available through Amazon or online fidget spinner stores. We avoided using Etsy and handmade sellers, as the vast majority are currently out of stock of the rare spinners.

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19 of the Coolest and Unique Fidget Spinners

Crimson Shuriken by Spinnables

This Shuriken spinner is one for the Overwatch gamers amongst you. This Genji spinner has a 3 minute + spin time and looks awesome.

Meecoo Mini

The Meecoo is a tiny spinner made from highly quality titanium. It is weighty and well-built and doesn’t feature any long sides you’d be used to from other spinners.

Ninja Shuriken by Spinnables

The Ninja Shuriken by Spinnables is a finger spinner with no center cap. League of Legends gamers will love this Zed inspired spinner. It looks awesome and is built from high quality metal alloy materials.

9 Bearing Spinner

The 9-bearing spinner went viral on Facebook, so some of you might recognize this one already. This one is cool because you can spin it normally from the center bearing or you can spin one of the many gears that interlink with one another.

Buylen UFO

This tri-spinner by Buylen looks gorgeous. It looks good and spins for around 3.30 minutes. It’s weighty but built using some solid metal alloys.

Lofter Tri

The Lofter is another cool looking tri spinner with shark like fins. It is made of premium aluminum alloy and is small and lightweight.


This metal spinner looks somewhat like a snowflake and is quite unique in the way it looks. It has a spin time of around 3 minutes and is made from premium metal.

Zen Monkey Fidget Bundle

This great combo includes a simple tri-spinner, a fidget ring and a fidget cube. If you want to give a few different fidget toys a try then this is a great combo kit for you.

Accessonico Wheel

This spinner is creatively designed in the shape of a wheel. It looks sleek and features a 3min + spin time. This very durable spinner also spins very quietly as well.

WeFidget The Bar

This tiny spinner by WeFidget is super cool. It has one of the longest spin times around (6 mins) and comes in an array of different colors. The Bar uses premium R188 bearings to achieve a smoother and longer spin time.

iShope 360 Degree

This spinner by iShope features 6 different arms that can be customized to whatever number you want. The colors on the extensions make for a cool looking effect when being spun. This spinner is quite heavy ensuring a smooth spin with no wobbling.

MyDeal 5 Blade Spinner

The MyDeal 5 blade spinner features a R188 ceramic bearing for super long spin times. This high-quality, epic spinner can spin for over 5 minutes. The 5 zinc alloy blades also make this one stand out from other more basic spinners.

Quirkio Spinner

The Quirkio is another cool looking spinner. The metal balls give this spinner a good weight allowing for a smooth spin. You can also purchase an interchangeable color pack and switch out the colors.

Starrs Teardrop

The Starrs Teardrop features a R188 stainless steel bearing giving it a 6+ minute spin time right of the box. Some users have even managed 7+ minutes. The Teardrop looks stunning and is built from high quality parts, making this a great choice for spinner enthusiasts.

Yier Transformer Spinner

If you are a fan of the Transformers franchise, then you’ll love this Optimus Prime inspired spinner. This rare spinner is made from pure copper giving it a nice weight allowing for a 5+ min spin time.

Neatmaster Brass

The Neatmaster is a well-balanced 100% Brass spinner. The spin is very smooth and the spin time is a whopping 6+ mins. Those who have purchased this one have called it their favorite so far!

Rnging Antique Spinner

This rare antique looking spinner has a Medieval theme going for it. In terms of looks, this one really stands out from the crowd.

DragonSpinners The Dragon D8 Quad

Made from CNC machined stainless steel, the Dragon Spinner is perfectly balanced with a buttery smooth R188 ceramic bearing allowing it to spin for 5+ minutes. It also looks very elegant and is aimed more towards adults.

SEAAN Square Fingertip Gyro

This square shaped spinner can be used as a finger spinner or normal fidget spinner with a center cap. Whilst it isn’t the cheapest spinner around it certainly looks spectacular and makes it a must have for your collection.