Top 10 Cheap Fidget Spinners Under $10


So you want to get in on the fun, but don't have a lot of cash? There are actually a lot of great vendors where you can get a fidget spinner cheap, if you want to spend all day looking for one.

Or you can just keep reading because here are ten of the best cheap fidget spinners available:

Top 10 Cheap Fidget Spinners Under $10

Jackjax pure copper Fidget Spinner

Ok, this one is actually ten dollars even, but it was too nice to leave out, especially since it ships for free. Made of pure copper, this hand spinner is small and easy to carry anywhere. Its steel bearing is capable of reaching spin times up to five minutes!

Asoon Hand Spinners

The Asoon hand spinner is a colorful take on the typical plastic tri spinner that has become so popular in the last few months. Its high speed ceramic bearings can achieve up to three minute spin times and its design will set you apart from the rest with vivid colors.

ZFITEI Matte Surface Hand Spinner

The Zfitei Matte Surface Spinner is durable and has a beautiful matte finish. The finger caps are strong and easy to hold. Its matte finish also gives it extra stability when using it on a table. Made of ABS plastic, the Zfitei spinner is drop proof. Kids and adults are going to love this one!

MUPATER Fidget Spinner

The Mupater Gold Spinner is elegant, but it also performs well. Smooth, quiet spins for up to about a minute and a half. Made of ABS plastic, which makes it extremely durable and perfect for young children all the way up to adults.

Black ABS Plastic 608 Spinner

This all-black spinner is a typical plastic {{

EZ Grip Fidget Spinner

This is probably the cheapest, high quality bar spinner you are going to find anywhere! If you know somebody with small hands, then pick up one of these for them today for under $10! It's small, ergonomic design with internal steel balls will set you apart from the rest of the spinners.

Revolver Fidget Spinner

Made of ABS plastic, the Revolver spinner is made to last. Using R188 bearings, it can achieve spin times between 210 and 270 seconds. Perfect for the beginner fidgeter, or just somebody who wants a great quality plastic spinner for an excellent price that has an original design.

Mmrm Light ADHD Fidget Spinner

This spinner looks just like a ceiling fan. It isn't just a novelty item, it can actually spin for about two minutes straight. It has a durable alloy body and uses a low-friction bearing technology.

Dkmagic Fashion Tri Fidget Hand Spinner

These are super inexpensive spinners made of durable alloy. DKmagic has a bunch of great designs to choose from that all utilize super low-friction bearings. Small, compact and fun.

Bekhic Pro Gold Metal Tri-Spinner

This spinner is made of metal and can spin for up to five minutes! It has a unique, gold design that will most likely turn some heads. It fits easily in your pocket and is comfortable in the hand. Children will love this spinner, but it has the fashionable look that adults can also appreciate.